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Plastic containers and pallets for all requirements

IL CONTENITORE srl is a company with more than 40 years’ experience in plastic packaging market.

We have available a wide range of products that are able to satisfy specific needs in food & beverage, industrial, chemical and pharmaceutical braches.

We offer high-quality stackable CONTAINERS for food and meat industry that guarantee sturdiness, mechanical strength and, when required, non-toxcity.

The large range of HARDWARE & STORAGE containers such as stackable boxes, drawer units, louvered panels, cupboards and workshop trolleys are suitable for warehouses, workshops and tool rooms.

Our WASTE COLLECTION garbage bins are made of HDPE, they have 2 or 4 fixed / swivel wheels and the are made in compliance with DIN 30700 and DIN 30740.

PLASTIC PALLET is another very important item, especially one-way pallets for export shipping. It doesn’t need fumigation and pest control and its has high mechanical resistance and load capacity. They are hygienic and safe for lack of nails and splinters.

DRUMS, BOTTLES, BARRELS, CANS AND JERRY CANS are suitable for liquids and densified products (UN approved). We also recommend our multiuse BUCKETS for food , chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Dichiarazione di conformità

Idoneità al contatto con gli alimenti

In base al D.M. 21.3.73 concernente “la disciplina igienica degli imballaggi, recipienti, utensili destinati a venire a contatto con sostanze alimentari” ed alle successive attuazioni con D.M. n. 735 del 28.10.94, delle direttive 93/8/C.E.E., che fissa le norme di base necessarie per la verifica della migrazione dei costituenti dei materiali e degli oggetti di materia plastica e della direttiva 93/9/C.E.E. relativa ai materiali e oggetti di materia plastica destinati a venire a contatto con prodotti alimentari.

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